Minutes & Reports from the 2019 AGM

The 2019 Annual General Meeting of the St. Stephen's Millennium Green Trust was held on November 25th 2019. The minutes and reports from the meeting are available as follows:

Millennium Green Update May 2019

The grass has started to grow and when he mows, John our gardener is making
the distinctive pattern, which he does every year. The intention is to
allow as many as possible of the beneficial wild flowers to flower and seed at this time of year.

Mowing patterns









Wildflowers are naturalising well in the grass strip alongside the allotments; the cowslips are doing particularly well.

Wild Flowers

Although the tulips are nearly over, they are now followed by the many alliums that we have planted, which are putting on a spectacular display.


Next month we hope that the planned restoration of the pond will go ahead. All the funds raised through donations and sales of cards at the Easter Egg-Hunt as well as proceeds from Lansdown Open Gardens (Sunday 30 June) will go towards paying for this work.

Look out for the peonies - last year they hardly flowered, perhaps because it was so dry. After the recent rain we have noticed that buds are coming open on several plants and we hope that this year they will be better.

John has planted some new geums which we hope will not only look good in the bed by the cascade but will also attract plenty of pollinating insects.

Current Projects

A lot has been going on at the Millennium Green and this a busy time of year on The Millennium Green, with lots of pruning and weeding – but a time when it is looking its best.

Have a look at the stage; John, our gardener, has refurbished it over the winter.

More recently he has planted some Miscanthus Sinensis, which will form clumps producing tall flowers that become attractive seed heads. In Japan, where it is known as susuki, it is considered an iconic plant of late summer and early autumn.

A big project about to start is the regeneration of the pond. It has been leaking badly for a couple of years and needs to be reconstructed. The first step will be to drain it completely. Some buckets of mud from the bottom of the pond will be carefully set aside as a means of retaining some of the dragonfly eggs and nymphs, which otherwise would take a long time to re-establish. For the relatively short time that the pond is drained, other wildlife should be able to find a temporary home.

The Millennium Green is using a specialist contractor for the work and the money raised in subscriptions, “Fund-A-Day” and events (look out for notices!) is being channeled into payment for this project and for the regular work to maintain the beauty and diversity of our green haven.

Take a look at the old photos below which show the pond being constructed over 20 years ago. The current project will return the pond to close to its original size.

Some Wonderful Photos Of The Millennium Green

Amendment To The Trust Deed

The St. Stephen's Millennium GreenTrust's Governing Document dated 5th May 1999 had some drafting errors and the current Trustees, having taken legal advice, have decided to correct the document so as to avoid any future concerns. The primary amendment is to clarify the Locality in which the Inhabitants, for whom St Stephen"s Millennium Green exists, reside. The Locality is now defined as "primarily the areas within the City of Bath known as Lansdown, Camden, Fairfield Park and adjacent areas and also generally the City of Bath". A subsidiary change relates to the clarification of clause 4.2 with deals with buildings and structures on the Green. There is also the addition of Natural England in the definitions clause.

All changes have received the consent of Natural England  who have taken the place off the Countryside Agency, and the Millennium Commission. The Trustees have submitted the changes to the Charity Commission for who have issued a Scheme to approve the changes.

Anyone who wishes to view that amended Trust Deed can do so by sending an email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

2018 AGM

The 2018 Annual General Meeting of the St. Stephen's Millennium Green Trust took place on November 26th 2018. The Minutes, Annual Report, and the Financial Report from the 2018 AGM of the St. Stephen's Millennium Green Trust can be found by following these links: