Bath in Bloom Award

The Bath in Bloom awards were distributed yesterday (Sep 11th) evening at the Guildhall. St. Stephen's Millennium Green won gold, overall winner in the 'Environmental project-community or individual' category.

Congratulations to the gardeners and all who work to raise the funds to keep the Green continuing to be the special place it is for the local community and for those from further afield as well.

The cup will be on display at the Christmas party, December 8th at St Stephen's Centre on the buffet table filled with holly.

New Totem Poles In Place

The new totem poles are now in place. Thanks to Edwina Bridgeman and her team of helpers for decorating the poles on the weekend of May 26th. See the photo gallery below for pictures of the new poles. The work took a lot of digging and 'concreting' by Brian Roper and other volunteers to erect the new steel poles. The poles were then decorated by Edwina Bridgeman with help of local children who painted the blocks ready for the new totem poles.

Funding for the totem poles came from Bath and NE Somerset Council through one of the local Councillors (Patrick Anketell-Jones) and his Ward Councillors Initiative fund.

Recent 'Green' View of the Millennium Green

A very good recent photo of the Millennium Green taken by one of our gardeners John Gibbon.

Recent View of the Killennium Green

Read the 2011 Annual Report for the St Stephen's Millennium Green Trust

For those who were unable to attend the recent AGM for the St Stephen's Millennium Green Trust the full Annual Report for 2011 is available. Two highlights of the year are the unstinting support of the Friends in fund raising (their gift was £4400 this year) and the completion of the transfer of land to the Trust from the ownership of Dr Marianna Clark and the estate of Mr and Mrs Frears. This is a most generous gift for which the Trustees are deeply grateful. We have undertaken to ensure that the land is not developed.

St Stephen`s Millennium Green Trust of 7 Richmond Hill, Bath, BA1 5QT was registered by the Charity Commission under the terms of a Declaration of Trust dated 5 May 1999. Registered charity number 1076240.The Trust deed is available for inspection by appointment.

The Trustees:

  • Lynda Bevan

  • Mary Ede

  • Jacqueline Harris

  • Brenda Bridgeman

  • Stephen Moss

  • Claire Smith

  • Ian Wilson

  • Brian Roper

  • Margaret Roper

Lynda Bevan is nominated to represent local schools, Brenda Bridgeman to represent the St Stephen`s Allotment Society and Mary Ede to represent the Friends of St Stephen`s Allotment and Millennium Green.

Under the terms of the Trust Deed, existing Trustees are responsible for the appointment of new Trustees. 

Aims of the Trust and Powers of the Trustees.

The Trustees are committed to hold the trust funds and apply them to the maintenance of the Green, to develop the Green for informal recreation, play or other leisure- time occupations, and as a meeting area for local events for the general benefit of the community.  The site has been designated by Bath and North East Somerset Council as being of “special visual importance”.

Progress Report

In last year’s report we stated that we needed some younger Trustees and we    have been very fortunate to have found Claire Smith, our new Treasurer, and Ian Wilson who has designed and developed our website. We warmly welcome them.

It was decided that all the Trustee service periods should be aligned and all the named Trustees were re-installed in May 2011, all serving for a period of three years.

As for the Green itself after the special work completed last year to prepare The Green for our 10th anniversary this year has been much more routine in the gardening aspect of our work. The Green has been kept in its usual beautiful condition by our gardening team.

The small plots originally set out to demonstrate the various herbs known to both the Romans and to us were converted to a lawn area containing special fruit trees. Repairs to the fabric were modest and managed on a DIY basis by the Trustees.

The Green now has a website – We are indebted to Trustee Ian Wilson for its creation and maintenance. In association with the Friends he is also developing other systems to help administration and ease the method of contact with Friends and other supporters. The site has details of dates and events and we hope all those associated with the Green will find it useful.

The Trustees intend to replace the Totem Poles with a new set and Edwina Bridgeman  has agreed to design them for us, make them with the aid of primary school children and supervise their installation in the summer of 2012.

The “Fund a Day” scheme noted in recent annual reports has continued to be a great help in our funding.  Several cheques were again received from people who did not want to enter into standing order arrangements but the real key was the standing order numbers.  If everyone stays with us, the annual sum, with Gift Aid, will continue running at well over £1000 a year.  The Trustees are very grateful for the support shown by so many people.

We received a welcome and unsolicited grant of £100 from the Council’s fund for the Bath in Bloom contest and it was spent on replacing plants that had passed their best.

The Trustees are delighted to be able, yet again, to thank the Friends group for their unstinting support in fund raising.  Their gift is paid to us at the end of each calendar year so that we have sufficient funds for the following summer work. Their gift was £4400 this year.

There is no doubt that the highlight of the year has been the completion of the transfer of land to the Trust from the ownership of Dr Marianna Clark and the estate of Mr and Mrs Frears. This is a most generous gift for which the Trustees are deeply grateful. We have undertaken to ensure that the land is not developed. This plot, between the Lansdown Road and Lansdown Mews and including the footpath between those roads, was given to the Trust for its own purposes. It is held freehold and is not considered part of the Millennium Green. The Trustees decided to offer the part of the total plot that was already a garden to be let. The Trust will maintain the path and other areas.

After the completion of the marketing exercise the Trustees received gratifying responses and a tenant took on the land on the 3rd September 2011. The revenue from this letting will significantly assist the Green’s finances.

It was necessary to undertake some repairs to walls, to remove a tree that was causing wall damage and erect a new length of fence.  The last of these will be completed at the start of our year 2011/12. The cost of these works is not reflected in our accounts for the year 2010/11 as they were not paid for within the year and our accounts are prepared on a simple cash received/cash paid out in the year basis.

Financial Report

The accounts show that the Trust has again received more money than has been spent. Further investments were made at the start of the year and the total yield on our investments is now running at over £1200 a year.

With more forecast cash from the Friends it is clear we have a further investment opportunity and the Trustees will take advantage of it.

Reserves Policy

As has been stated in previous annual reports the Trustees are building up a fund that will ensure the long well tended life of the Millennium Green even if the current levels of support should decrease.

The Trustees plan to have sufficient immediate cash available for the coming year, and have the reserves available to liquidate if there is the need for more than planned.


This is the Chairman’s report and I would like to reiterate the thanks of the Trustees to the Committee of the Friends, to the staff who keep our Green in such good care, to my fellow Trustees for all their work and in this very unusual year to thank Marianna Clark and the Frears family for their quite astonishing gift.

The Trustees wish to repeat their thanks to Monahans Chartered Accountants for their continued independent examination of our accounts. The firm have been acting in this manner since the Green started and their service is of great value to the Trust.

Brian A Roper


Find the St. Stephen's Millennium Green off Richmond Road just behind Richmond Hill.

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