New Sundial on the Millennium Green

The new sundial on St. Stephen’s Millennium Green was officially unveiled on Easter Sunday. The sundial has been given in memory of John Ede by his family, and has been designed by David Brown who now has a national reputation for sundials. His recent commissions include the National Trust, Oxford colleges, the Olympic Park, and locally the armillary sphere in the Parade Gardens. David was taught by John Ede at Kingswood School and later succeeded John as Head of Physics there.

John Ede was a Lansdown resident for over 50 years, a long-serving Mayor’s Guide, allotment holder and founder member of the campaigning group who saved the St Stephen’s allotments and formed the attractive community garden, St. Stephen’s Millennium Green, for all to enjoy in 1999. John was Bath's longest-serving Mayor’s Guide and was also honoured with an MBE. John took approximately 30,000 people around the city during his free weekly walks before his death in 2011.

2013 AGMs & Annual Reports

The 2013 AGMs of the Friends of St. Stephen's Millennium Green and of the St. Stephen's Millennium Green Trust were held on Monday 18th November. The followiing documents from the meetings are available for download:

Bath In Bloom Award For The Millennium Green

St. Stephen's Millennium Green has been awarded Silver-Gilt within the Community Winners category in the 2013 Bath In Bloom awards. Congratulations to John our gardener and to everyone else who has worked hard to keep the Green in 'winning' condition.

The winner's certificate can be viewed here.

St Stephen`s Millennium Green Trust Annual Report for the year to 30th September 2012

St Stephen`s Millennium Green Trust of 7 Richmond Hill, Bath, BA1 5QT was registered by the Charity Commission under the terms of a Declaration of Trust dated 5 May 1999. Registered charity number 1076240.The Trust deed is available for inspection by appointment.

The Trustees

Lynda Bevan, The Royal High School, Lansdown Road, Bath

Mary Ede, 12 Springfield Place, Bath

Jacqueline Harris, 10 Mount Beacon, Bath

Brenda Bridgeman, The Cott, Richmond Lane, Bath

Stephen Moss, Kimbolton House, Mount Beacon, Bath

Claire Smith, 14 Upper Camden Place, Bath

Ian Wilson, 3 Richmond Hill, Bath

Brian Roper, 7 Richmond Hill, Bath

Margaret Roper, 7 Richmond Hill Bath

Lynda Bevan is nominated to represent local schools, Brenda Bridgeman to represent the St Stephen`s Allotment Society and Mary Ede to represent the Friends of St Stephen`s Allotment and Millennium Green.

Under the terms of the Trust Deed, existing Trustees are responsible for the appointment of new trustees.

Aims of the Trust and Powers of the Trustees.

The Trustees are committed to hold the trust funds and apply them to the maintenance of the Green, to develop the Green for informal recreation, play or other leisure-time occupations, and as a meeting area for local events for the general benefit of the community. The site has been designated by Bath and North East Somerset Council as being of “special visual importance”.

Progress Report

This has been a year of renewal for the Green. In the winter we had nearly all the timber bed edging replaced as the original material had decayed.

In the summer volunteers furthered the replacement programme for old planting. This important work has carried on into 2012/3 and will continue. Sums of money have been set aside to cover it.

The original Totem poles were getting very decayed and we feared for their security and it was decided to replace them. It transpired that the working party of volunteers had great difficulty getting the old poles out of their concrete beds so safety had not been a problem but the general condition of rot still justified the replacement decision. The new Totems were the creation of Edwina Bridgeman who, together with other adult helpers, arranged for groups of children to decorate the individual sections of the poles. These were mounted on iron poles and form a most attractive and variously decorated feature.

We owe a debt of gratitude to one of our Local Councillors, Patrick Anketell- Jones, who nominated The Green to receive a share of the funds each Councillor is able to allocate to their own wards. The sum paid the largest part of the cost of the replacement Totems. We are very grateful for his support. The offer was beautifully timed to coincide with our totem replacement programme.

Other routine repairs have been undertaken by volunteers and we are pleased to report there has been minimal damage caused by users of the facility.

The Pig continues to be a special attraction for the young.

The Friends group have held six events in aid of the Millennium Green Trust, including two planned to be on the Green itself, though one of these was forced to retreat into the Church Centre by the weather. All events were well supported and raised in total over £5000.

The Green website – has been kept up to date through the year and the use of email to contact Friends of the Green has been very useful in promoting Friends events.

The “Fund a Day” scheme continues to be a very useful part of our funding and we have been lucky in retaining almost all the original supporters and have continued to add new ones.

The Green won a prize again this year in the Bath in Bloom competition.

Finally and most importantly the Trustees are delighted to be able, yet again, to thank the Friends group for their unstinting support in fund raising. Their gift is paid to us at the end of each calendar year so that we have sufficient funds for the following summer work. Their gift was £4500 in December 2011.

Financial Report

The attached accounts show that the Trust has again received more money than has been spent. Further investments were made at the start of the year and the total yield on our investments is now running at over £1700 a year.

With more forecast cash from the Friends it is clear we have a further investment opportunity and the Trustees will take advantage of it.

Reserves Policy

As has been stated in previous annual reports the Trustees are building up a fund that will ensure the long well tended life of the Millennium Green even if the current levels of support should decrease.

The Trustees always have sufficient immediate cash available for the coming year, and have the reserves available to liquidate if there is the need for more than planned.


This is the Chairman’s report and I would like to reiterate the thanks of the Trustees to the Committee of the Friends, and to the staff who keep our Green in such good care, and to my fellow Trustees for all their work.

We have been notified of the resignation of Mr Tim Baines who has been our ‘head gardener’ ever since we started employing help on the Green. He has given us great and economical service over all those years and we have been lucky to have him. Our formal and grateful thanks will be offered to him by letter. He stops work at the end of December.

Brian A Roper


Dated:30 October 2012

2012 AGMs

The Annual General Meetings of the Friends of St Stephen's Millennium Green & the St Stephen's Millennium Green Trust will take place on November 19th in the foyer of St. Stephen's Church at 7:00pm.

Diamond Jubilee Tree Planting

To celebrate the Queenʼs Diamond Jubilee and their Diamond Wedding Anniversary,Michael and Lorna Powne have kindly donated a walnut tree for the Millennium Green. The tree was planted at the top of the Green just along from the totem poles on November 6th. The photographs below show Michael and Lorna finishing off the planting with the final spadesful of soil.