Current Projects

A lot has been going on at the Millennium Green and this a busy time of year on The Millennium Green, with lots of pruning and weeding – but a time when it is looking its best.

Have a look at the stage; John, our gardener, has refurbished it over the winter.

More recently he has planted some Miscanthus Sinensis, which will form clumps producing tall flowers that become attractive seed heads. In Japan, where it is known as susuki, it is considered an iconic plant of late summer and early autumn.

A big project about to start is the regeneration of the pond. It has been leaking badly for a couple of years and needs to be reconstructed. The first step will be to drain it completely. Some buckets of mud from the bottom of the pond will be carefully set aside as a means of retaining some of the dragonfly eggs and nymphs, which otherwise would take a long time to re-establish. For the relatively short time that the pond is drained, other wildlife should be able to find a temporary home.

The Millennium Green is using a specialist contractor for the work and the money raised in subscriptions, “Fund-A-Day” and events (look out for notices!) is being channeled into payment for this project and for the regular work to maintain the beauty and diversity of our green haven.

Take a look at the old photos below which show the pond being constructed over 20 years ago. The current project will return the pond to close to its original size.