Amendment To The Trust Deed

The St. Stephen's Millennium GreenTrust's Governing Document dated 5th May 1999 had some drafting errors and the current Trustees, having taken legal advice, have decided to correct the document so as to avoid any future concerns. The primary amendment is to clarify the Locality in which the Inhabitants, for whom St Stephen"s Millennium Green exists, reside. The Locality is now defined as "primarily the areas within the City of Bath known as Lansdown, Camden, Fairfield Park and adjacent areas and also generally the City of Bath". A subsidiary change relates to the clarification of clause 4.2 with deals with buildings and structures on the Green. There is also the addition of Natural England in the definitions clause.

All changes have received the consent of Natural England  who have taken the place off the Countryside Agency, and the Millennium Commission. In due course the Trustees will be submitting the changes to the Charity Commission for them to issue a Scheme to approve the same.

The Trustees will be passing the necessary Resolution prior to the AGM on Nov 26th 2018.

Although the Trustees have been advised it is not necessary for them to seek the consent of stakeholders of the Charity to these changes it is appropriate for this information to be set out on the Charity's website. Any Inhabitant of the Locality is welcome to attend the AGM should any further explanation be required.

2018 AGM

The 2018 Annual General Meeting of the St. Stephen's Millennium Green Trust took place on November 26th 2018. The Minutes, Annual Report, and the Financial Report from the 2018 AGM of the St. Stephen's Millennium Green Trust can be found by following these links:

For Sale On the Millennium Green - Jam, Jelly and Chutney

The sale of jam, jelly and chutney went very well today on the Millennium Green raising £116.50 towards the upkeep of the Green.

There are a few jars of crab apple jelly and pear, apple and mint chutney remaining if any one would like to buy some please come along to the AGM on Monday, November 26th at 7pm in St Stephen's Church Foyer where they will be on sale. Thank you everyone who came along today for your kind and helpful support.

Jam Sale

Millennium Green 2018 Calendars

An ideal Christmas present - the 2018 Millennium Green calendar!

Millennium Green 2018 Calendar

St Stephen’s Millennium Green featured on Gardeners’ World

We were surprised and delighted to see the photograph behind the weather forecaster during a recent edition of ‘Gardeners’ World’  It was a recent picture of the Millennium Green taken by a local photographer and what better endorsement for the Green, our much loved community space, than to be shown on national television.

Garderners World

2016 Annual General Meeting of the St. Stephen's Millennium Green Trust

The following documents are available for download:


Chairman's Report

Financial Report