Events For 2017

August 28th Monday - Summer Fair and Produce Sale.

The Summer Fair was held on a beautiful sunny Bank Holiday Monday with a big crowd enjoying the Fair on the Millennium Green. The children's sunflower competition brought many children and families onto the Green and as usual the Punch & Judy show was a big hit with both children and adults. In all over £1300 was raised for the upkeep of the Millennium Green.


February 25th Saturday - A Talk and Tea.

The Tea and Talk held on Feb 25th was a highly successful event with more than 60 attendees. David Beeton entertained the audience with a series of anecdotes about life inside the Royal Palaces and afterwards attendees enjoyed tea and cake featuring the usual selection of delicious cakes.

Over the £650 was raised towards the maintenance of the Millennium Green. Many thanks to Joyce Peachey, Di Ashby, Elizabeth Jones, Jenny Sharples and Lyn Jacobs for making yet another Millennium Green event great fun and a successful fund-raiser.